The Best of Senior Quest

For more than a decade, Senior Quest Magazine has been chronicling the lives of the members of the Greatest Generation from rural Metcalfe County, Kentucky. Presented here are 44 of the best of these stories--witty, inspiring, insightful, and nostalgic--about war heroes, judges, teachers, farmers and other legends of Metcalfe County.

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Title: The Best of Senior Quest
Author: Geniece Marcum
ISBN: 9780557051632
Published: March 4, 2009
Language: English
Pages: 324
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback

Chapters in the Book:
  1. How Senior Quest Came About
  2. Marie Jolly
  3. Judge Walden
  4. R.T. and Lovie Kinnaird
  5. Twin Deer
  6. Pauline Hughes Hodges
  7. "T" Jeffries
  8. Paul Froggett
  9. Uncle Matt Scroggy
  10. Isham and Mary London
  11. The Steen Brothers on the USS Oklahoma
  12. Junior Lawson
  13. Corbitt Shirley
  14. Rondyl Leftwich and William E. Lynch Reunited
  15. Helen Cassady
  16. Beulah Marcum
  17. Starvin' Marvin's
  18. Ione Stapp, Cave Hill Rural School
  19. Effie Barrett
  20. Ruth Ennis
  21. James Howard Young
  22. Judge Gilbert Wallace
  1. Memories of Home
  2. Ettalynn Cummins Butler
  3. Florine Yates
  4. Horse Molly
  5. Fannie & Addie
  6. My Mother's Garden
  7. Grandma: An Amazing Person
  8. Berrys' Reminisce
  9. W. D. Marcum
  10. WWII Memories of James Leonard Smith
  11. More Home Remedies
  12. Jessie Simpson and the Bottomless Spring
  13. Jimmy Robertson
  14. Fox and Martha Pedigo Coleman
  15. Even More Old Remedies & Cures
  16. Ray Martin WWII Memories
  17. Thompson Horses
  18. Phil Depp
  19. The Legend of Dode Dowell
  20. Porter's Restaurant: Kathleen's Story
  21. Urey Gossett
  22. Sulphur Well Crime Report

About the Author...

Geniece Leftwich Marcum is a native of Metcalfe County, Kentucky, born December 24th, 1929, the youngest of 9 children of Walter Scott Leftwich and Addie Turner Leftwich.

She was reared on the family farm, three miles west of the small town of Edmonton. She attended the one-room country school known as Bellview, not far from home.

She later attended Edmonton High, dropping out in her Junior year in 1947 to marry Earl Reid Marcum, a veteran of WWII. They spent the following 16 years living in Sulphur Well, where their children, Linda, Keith and Jane Todd Marcum were all born, before moving to Edmonton to live. Today there are four grandchildren and five great grand-children. Earl Marcum passed away in 1986.

From 1969 to 1979, Geniece worked as a writer and photographer for the Edmonton Herald News and other small town newspapers included in Waggener-Walker Newspapers, Inc.

In 1982, thirty five years after leaving school, she decided to take the GED test and got her diploma.

In 1995, after retiring from a 10-year job with the state as a collector on Cumberland Parkway, Geniece started a monthly publication called Senior Quest, where all of the stories in this book first appeared.

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